This Passover haggadah is written in Hebrew and Marathi for the Bene Israel (Sons of Israel) Jews of India. According to their tradition, a shipwreck left seven Jewish families from ancient Israel stranded in an area south of Mumbai (formerly Bombay) more than two thousand years ago. Living in isolation from other Jews, they still managed to maintain their identity and to observe basic practices of Judaism. In the nineteenth century contact was made with other Jews and the Bene Israel began to move from villages to cities, settling in Mumbai, Pune (Poona), and Karachi (now in Pakistan). After 1948 most Bene Israel migrated to Israel. The 5,000 Jews in India today live almost exclusively in Mumbai in the Indian state of Maharashtra where they speak Marathi. The scenes in the haggadah depict Indian Jews reciting the Passover story at the seder table illuminated by oil-filled lamps.  source

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